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Camila is located on the edge of the Queretaro mining region, a historical producer of Au and Ag since the 1800’s. A comparable, Starcore, a TSX listed company produces 850 mt/d at an average 2.31 g Au and 18 g Ag. The geological rock source is consistent with breccia, epithermal deposit which is consistent throughout the region.

The mine is in excellent shape and show little signs of cave-ins. Rail track, electrical and services are all still in good shape. The mines are located at the edge of the Camila property lines to the east and north respectively and available for access to commence drilling.

The Camila claim covers approx. 700 Ha of mountainous terrain; access is by dirt road carved in to the edge of the mountain. The local town, Rio Blanco is steeped in mining experience. Locals hand mine mercury (Hg) and smelt the rock into a gas and collect the concentration as it cools into a liquid Hg.

Geologically, it is proven that the lighter Hg follows and fills the cracks in the host rock. Evidence proves that the lighter Hg is a good indicator that Au and Ag can be found in these epithermal deposits at depth below the Hg source rock.

Camila was also known as a Cu high grade mine. Evidence shows a deep adit into the mountain. The local geo also advised that a sizeable deposit may exist. However, no modern-day exploration or drilling has been completed to validate.

There is a strong history of mining in the region for over 100 yrs. No evidence of modern day exploration or drilling has been used to prove up the potential of this region. Only one comparable, Starcore’s San Martin Au and Ag mine has been in production since 1993, purchased from Gold Corp in 2008. A few small operations of 100 mt p/d do exist by the local miners.

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In summary, the entire area is loaded with high grade historical mines that were active approx. 35 to 50 yrs ago. There is an increase in activity recently from several junior and major mining companies sampling in the surrounding mountains. The town of Rio Blanco was built on mining a hundred years ago. There is a good opportunity here to discover something of size, historically we know there was high grade silver out of the Santa Anna and Guadalupe mines at 500 to 1000 grams per ton in its day.

VanGold will commence immediate implementation 43-101 compliant exploration program over the property to confirm historical data and expand the area on to the adjacent claim holding addition ancient mine workings.