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El Ruso


The El Ruso property “The Russian” is geologically structured to host significant mineralization.
The terrain is consists of hills and a valley, predominantly used for agricultural corn and grazing. with pine trees and light brush ground cover.

Geologically El Ruso shows indications of mineralization based on observation of eastern sloping limestone with exposed basement and granite/quartzite. At PP large quartz rock with large crystals were located.

The property dips into a valley and rolling hills, moving to the south west exposes the hard rock and quartz structure. This geology is conducive with an ore body traveling up the limestone wall structure.

The town of El Ruso, with a population of 250 lies at the bottom of the valley, inside the property border. Within the town there is a massive quartz cave with huge crystals, with sizes ranging from 1” to 5”. The cave has a massive Hg deposit with Hg appearing in the seams of the quartz and rock.

The property by far is the most extreme in evidence of possible mineralization. Geological observation was quite evident and will be significant when an experienced Geo can observe the property.

Little or no historical adits were discovered on the property. We have no details of mining in the immediate area nor comparable to gage the importance of the property.

El Ruso is located on the eastern boundary of Guanajuanto mining district and located on the western side at the start of the Sierra Gorda.

El Ruso
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The plan with El Ruso would start with an initial 4 week mapping and sampling program with a geo and local labor team.

El Ruso has limited evidence of historical mining and no data to assess. However, it does show extremely different geology than all the other properties. The limestone structure on the eastern border and the lifting basement source rock does hold substantial quartz structures.