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Ysabela is located just past the town of Rio Blanco. Accessibility to the property from Rio Banco is through dirt road with direct access to property.

Immediately adjacent to the PP is an active Hg mine. Locals are tunneling a few hundred meters deep to follow the high-grade Hg source rock.

Mining Hg rocks is quite common in the area, Peter Swiridiuk, VanGold Geophysicist confirmed, Hg is a precursor to Ag and Au. Hg if softer therefore traveling farther in the veins. The host Ag and Au will be found at lower depths.

Overall, the property has a small number of old mine workings and adits that were focused along exposed silver host rock, but nothing of significant size demonstrating a large ore deposit at this time.

The terrain is mountainous, with sizeable trees and ground cover to get through. We will need to search for any historical mine working with the mines department in Quartararo and Guadalajara.

Although a vast piece of real estate, it appears to be far less explored for any high grade mineral exposure. No significant mining evidence exists other than ancient caves and adits on the property.

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VanGold’s recommendation is to start a mapping and soil sampling program to identify any anomalies that may exits. Little is known about the claim other than the mapping and visual work by Peter Swiridiuk, Geophysics Phd . A collection rock samples at exposed surface basement and at historical workings and adits were taken and currently being assayed.