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Pro Forma Cash Position Post Transaction & Financing - $CAD
(All numbers approximate)

Cash at 03/15/21 – post EDR down payment 2,250,000
Equity Financing ($16.95m @ $0.30) 16,950,000
Gold/Silver Loan 9,375,000
Fully Funded C$28,575,000
Cash Paid for El Cubo + VAT 9,925,000
Balance for Working Capital C$18,650,000


Pro Forma Market Capitalization Post Transaction
(All numbers approximate)

Endeavour Silver Corp. 10.9%
Myrmikan Capital LLC. (Director Daniel Oliver) 10.4%
VanGold Directors & Advisors 7.1%
VBS Exchange Pty Ltd. 4.9%
Eric Sprott 3.4%
EMA Garp Fund LP. 2.8%
Public Shareholders 60%


Pro Forma Shares Issued194,900,000
Warrants and Options ($0.10 - $0.50)
(exercise will bring in approx. CAD $24M)
Fully Diluted 263,500,000


group 167


578 – 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1
+1 (778) 989-5346

VanGold Mining is an exploration and development company engaged in reactivating past producing silver and gold mines near the city of Guanajuato, Mexico. The Company's El Pinguico project is a significant past producer of both silver and gold located just 7 kilometers south of the city. Upon closing of the El Cubo acquisition, the Company will focus on the refurbishment of the El Cubo mill, and swift commencement of production from the El Cubo and El Pinguico Combined Operation, as well as delineating additional silver and gold resources through underground and surface drilling on its projects located in this 480-year-old mining camp.